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Black Bean Chilli Oil - 2019


"Good initial hit of savouriness and a gentle, well-balanced sweetness. Mild heat, medium complexity."

Kalamansi Marmalade - 2020


"...the flavours are clean and bright on the palate. The real surprise comes at the end, with a peppery kick on the finish. It's not an obvious marmalade for toast at breakfast, but as an ingredient for an unusual pudding, a glaze for baked ham or a marinda..."

Garlic Chilli Oil - 2021


"We loved the garlic and chilli aroma of this flavoured oil. to taste, there was a really deep and comforting warmth, which hasn't overpowering. Very well balanced."

Black Bean Chilli Paste - 2022

"Complex and rife with umami, this grows from something quite tame into a beast that fills the mouth. Fruity, quite tannic, and with well-judged heat, the little anise is the perfect partner to the almost cinder caramel-like black bean. This is just glorious in every way."

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This is what the judges have to say...

"Deep, rich aroma from the fermented black bean. Big, roasty flavours with depth and spices. A brilliantly considered product with balance, interest and umami depth. All judges went back for more!"

The FLASH SALE has now ended

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