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2 tsp oil

1 bunch of morning glory (a.k.a. kangkong or water spinach - available in Asian supermarkets)

7 tbsp of RoniB's Kitchen Adobo Sauce


Toasted garlic chips

How to

  1. Cut the morning glory in 3-inch lengths

  2. Heat oil a pan on the hob, about 2 minutes

  3. Add the cut morning glory and the Adobo Sauce

  4. Let the sauce simmer, baste the morning glory in the sauce until soft. About 5 minutes

  5. Sprinkle with toasted garlic chips, if desired

This vegetable dish is super quick to cook and it only uses two ingredients! Delicious on its own with rice or as a side dish. 

Adobong Kangkong (Morning Glory Adobo)

2 servings


Main or side dish