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Oil for frying

1 onion, chopped

Leftover fish, flaked

Mashed potato

1 egg handful of parsley, chopped

For dipping sauce:

5 tablespoons of yogurt

1 teaspoon RoniB's Kitchen Garlic Chilli Paste

How to

  1. Flake fish meat making sure there are no bones and skin.

  2. In a bowl, mix all ingredients except those for the dipping sauce, until well blended.

  3. Form into small patties, set aside.

  4. Heat a pan with oil on medium heat and add the fish patties when oil is hot.

  5. Turn once one side is cooked.

  6. Meanwhile, mix the dipping sauce ingredients in a small bowl.

Transfer to a serving dish and serve with salad or rice or grains.

This recipe makes use of leftovers. The result is stellar! 

Fish Cake

4 servings

30 mins