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Penne Pasta

3 cloves minced garlic

1 banana shallots (sliced)

4 pcs good quality sausage (skin removed)

1 red bell pepper (chopped)

125 grms chestnut mushrooms (chopped)

1 can chopped tomatoes

3 tsp RoniB's Kitchen Black Bean Chilli Oil

150mL red wine

150 mL pork stock

1 tbsp tomato paste

salt and pepper to tase

How to

  1. Cook Penne Pasta as instructed in the packaging

  2. in a seperate pan, reduce red wine to half, add the stock and reduced to half. Set a side

  3. Heat oil in a wok/pan, add onions until translucent

  4. Add minced garlic and RoniB's Kitchen Black Bean Chilli Oil

  5. Stir for 1 minute

  6. Add Sausages. Breaking it up as you fry until no longer pink

  7. Add bellpeppers and mushrooms. Cook for further 2minutes

  8. Add Tomatoes, red wine reduction and tomato paste.

  9. Stir and cook until slightly thicken

  10. Season with salt and pepper to taste.

  11. Add the cooked penne, Stir until well coated.

Serving Suggestion

Top with grated parmasen cheese, coriander and parsely. Serve hot. Enjoy!

A pasta dish that has been livened up with a bit of chilli

Sausage Penne with a Spicy Twist

4 servings

30 mins