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Philippine Artisan Flavoured Sauces, Condiments & Preserves

New Product Alert!

We are pleased to announce our latest product - Banana Ketchup!


Banana Ketchup originated from the Philippines and was developed during World War II when the country experienced a shortage of tomatoes, however, bananas were plentiful. The red colouring comes from food colouring. Maria Y. Orosa, a Filipino food technologist is credited with inventing this product.

This is popularly used in various dishes including Filipino spaghetti, hotdogs, hamburgers, torta (omelettes), fried chicken, pork barbecue and many more.

Mass production of this product in the Philippines was in 1942.


RoniB's Kitchen's banana ketchup is made from natural ingredients and no food colouring. The red colouring comes from the use of beetroot powder. This product took Roni two years to develop to achieve both the taste and the colour of the "original". 

This product comes in 150ml bottles and 1kg catering sizes.

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